Missions information

New Government Regulations

This past November new immigration regulations came into effect. These will have a bearing on all of us. If you have an indefinite stay visa, that will not change. If, however, you are still on a temporary visa, or in the process of trying to get your permanent stay, you will need a letter of invitation from a licensed sponsor here in the UK. If you know of people wanting to come to the UK to work full-time in missions, they too will need a letter of invitation by a licensed sponsor.

Bro Kevin Davis and Bro Tom Gritts have obtained licenses through their churches.

This new regulation means that the sponsor is responsible to monitor the person invited. The sponsor is required to keep copies of all documentation (i.e. passport, driving license, ordination certificate, addresses and contact information, etc).

They are to be in daily contact with the person sponsored and are responsible to the government for that person’s whereabouts and activities. Any failure on the part of the sponsor can bring a £10,000 fine or imprisonment should the sponsored person disappear or act not in accordance with their job description. So this is a very serious responsibility.

If you have questions, or want to start the process to be a sponsor, you can learn about these new regulations at the government website.